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Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University (abbreviated as XYAFU hereinafter) is a full-time public university. It is located in the city of Xinyang, Henan Province, a city with deep culture and long history. The eastern frontier borders Anhui province and the southern territory neighbors Hubei Province. It is called “the northern land of the South and the southern country of the North.” This is an ideal place for living, sightseeing, and investing of projects. With such superior geographical location, beautiful natural environment, and deep cultural heritage, Xinyang is certainly an ideal place for study here.


The university recently came from Xinyang Agricultural College; however, it traces its history back to theRuning-fuIndustrial School established in 1910. During the past more than century-long history, the institution has been keeping with the spirit of “creation and advance, friendship and prominence,” encouraging the students to pursue lofty aims and good scholarship; and now the slogan “cherishing high ambition, acquiring great learning” have become the motto of the university. Today, XYAFU has a considerable number of schools and centers; among which agronomy enjoys an influential reputation. The university has more 100,000 alumni so far, and they have been making important contributions to the economic and social development of Henan and other provinces.


The campus is with hills and lakes, which adding beauty to one another and representing the garden landscapes. The campus covers an area of more than 1,800mu, with the construction area of 520,00 square meters. The current number of students is over 17,000; the teaching and working staff number is 1,134. There are 845 full-time lecturers, among whom 273 people are professors and associate professors, 759 lecturers have their doctorate and master’s degrees, and 322 lecturers have two different qualifications. Furthermore, nearly 80 lecturers have possessed various honorable titles at different level such as honorable lecturer at the national level, skillful technician at the national level, member of the National Administration Committee in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, honorable lecturer at provincial level, model lecturer of Henan Province, and so on. Moreover, there are two new-typed creation scientific and research groups at provincial level.

Schools andAcademic Centers

There are 16 schools of the university: School of Agronomy, School of Forestry, School of Fisheries, School of Tea Science, School of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, School of Food Science and Technology, School of Horticulture, School of Planning and Design, School of Information Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Finance and Economics, School of Foreign Languages, School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of Tourism Management, School of Convergencemedia, School of Physical Education, as well as the Marxism Academy and the Institute for Continuing Education.

More than 39 majors offer bachelor degrees in this universitysuch as plant protection, forestry, aquaculture, tea science, animal science, food science and engineering, urban and rural planning, internet engineering, business English, translation, tourism management, and so on.


It has 14 key laboratories at municipal and provincial levels; one teaching and experimental centre, two virtual simulation experiment teaching construction projects, and five “new engineering, agricultural and arts research-and-practice projects”, all of which are at provincial levels. Besides, there are eight training bases and science-popularization model bases, either at the national or provincial levels, and 203 outside-campus training bases. The total value of the scientific equipment is 141 million yuan. The library possesses 2,280,000 books including 1,660,000 paper books and 610,000 e-books. The university has a covering-campus wire and wireless internet system.

Application Researches

Taking the advantages of the regional rich sources from agriculture, forests, and tea growing in Xinyang, the universityhas established 14 laboratories at the municipal and provincial levels and 32 technological centers at municipal and provincial levels. The university has presided to have established one national standard of the “National-Level Brand-Production: the Xinyang Maojian Tea”. It also established other three provincial-leveled standards for the local productions, including the “Production and Technological Standard of Silver Carp, Variegated Carp, Black Carp, and Grass Carp from the Nanwan Lake”. Only in recent years has the University undertaken 160 research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, the Talent-Support Projects for the “Three-Regions”, and 1,1000 Science-Popularization and Service Schemes, thus has been prized 4 times at provincial and ministerial levels and has obtained 1,200 patents.

Local-Region Services

The University stresses on technological creations and local services. It led and established five provincial-level strategic alliances; they are the alliances of the Henan Tea Production, Henan Reservoir Ecological Fishery, Henan Edible Fungus Production, Henan Tea-Oil Production, and the Dabieshan Mountainous Herbal Medicine Production. It also established the Research and Cooperation Alliance joined by 167 local administrative departments and enterprises, which has undertaken 6 research schemes. It established 12 science-popularization bases and production institutions and has undertaken 12 “research and talent-training programmes” designed by the Educational Ministry. For the contributions made towards the science-popularization and scientific support to the poverty-stricken regions,the Talent-support Projects for the “Three-Regions” that the university has undertaken, the services that has been given by the teams of doctorate-lectures, and the “Precision Service to enterprises” joined by the lecturers from the University, the University won the prize from the Provincial Government “the Progressive Working Unit of the Provincial-Levelled Accredited Persons of Science and Technology”.

Achievements and Reputations

The university has proposed some slogans: the university philosophy is that “quality is the foundation of the university, the characteristics symbolizes the prosperity of the university, and talents shows the strengthen of the university”. The university spirit is “wisdom and virtue; unity of knowledge and practice”. The study style for lecturers is “imparking knowledge and educating people” and “integration and innovation”; and for the students is “careful reflection and earnest practice; leaning for the sake of application”. The comprehensive competence of the graduates from the university has been kept increasing; most of them could find satisfactory positions in society; and the reputation of the university keeps continues growing. The Xinyang Administration praises the university that “Among the twenty thousand local cadres there are four thousand are from the University.” The university has won many honours such as “Henan Civilization Campus”, “Henan Provincial Progressive Unit of University Councils”, “Model Campus for Legally Running University”, “People’s Satisfactory University since the Foundation of the People’s Republic”, “Most-Potentially Competitive University”, and the “Progressive Unit for High Graduate-Employment Rate among the Higher and Medium Educational Institutions of Henan Province”.


Currently, the university is being guided by Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics, stressing on morality education, and regards the enhancing of agriculture as its own task. The aim is to generate new motivation and bring together new strength so that it may open new spaces and re-build the university into a high-leveled one; this is for the realization of the “two betterments” as proposed by the central government.

(Based on the data available by July, 2021)